Blackmart APK v4.01 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Most Android users use the Google Play Store to download the app they want. But, are you aware of some Secondary app marketplaces which can be used instead of Google play store? Blackmart is one such platform. It is a Google play Store alternative for Android users with an extensive range of apps to download. Blackmart offers all premium apps for free and users can download as many apps they need without even registering to it. This feature makes the app one of the widely accepted source download any Android app.

Blackmart APK is a user-friendly platform which is very safe to use instead of Google play store. Get any app you want from this platform without even creating an account. Users who want to save their money spending on downloading paid apps from Google play store Blackmart APK is a good choice. Don’t need to afraid while using this platform because it won’t include any apps that can harm your device. Get this app to your Android device and enjoy an extensive selection of apps from various categories.

Download Blackmart APK v4.01 For Android (Latest Version)

Blackmart APK is a reliable source for Android users where they can get all apps irrespective of your device compatibility. Google play store only allows users to download apps that are compatible with their device version. But Blackmart APK is different from it. It contains various versions of the same app according to user’s requirement.

The search box is very well designed so that users can easily find the app they search for or any other similar apps. Many people all over the world believe in Blackmart as one of the most reliable platforms for Android users.  Most users got impressed with the fast downloading capability. Also, they make sure to update their database as soon a new application comes to the market. There are various versions of Blackmart APK available for devices like PC, IOS etc.

App Name Blackmart APK


File Size 5.02 MB


Latest Version V1.1.4


Android version Android 2.2 and above


Last updated 04/08/2018 

Blackmart APK features

Blackmart APK is a simple app to use with comprehensive features. The app is a very good replacement for Google Play Store with almost all apps from it. User Interface design is pretty simple, and users can try as many apps as they want from this platform without any limitations. Here are some best features of Blackmart APK

Blackmart APK
Blackmart APK

Free of cost-: Blackmart APK is a free app for Android users. Get all premium apps from Google play store for free from here. No need to create an account to operate this app on your device

Multi-lingual-: The app is available to use in various languages. This is why Blackmart is popular among people from all over the world.

Simple UI-: The app is designed with a simple user interface that enables users to handle it without any technical knowledge. It operates very fast and installs in your device

Extensive apps-: Blackmart APK is a source where Android users can download apps from various categories. The apps in Blackmart is well-arranged with all details about it. Users can get all the details about the app just by clicking on it before downloading it.

Good Compatibility-: This app is compatible with almost all versions of Android devices. Also, there are multiple versions of the same app available and users can choose their versions according to their device.

Safe to use-: Blackmart APK is a safe app to use. Every apps and game from this platform are safe to download as they make sure to include only apps without any malicious material in it.

Download blackmart
Download blackmart

Updated contents-: Blackmart APK contains almost all apps from Google play store. It brings APK versions of all new apps immediately so that every user will get a chance to download the app they want without spending a single penny.

Blackmart For Windows PC

Blackmart APK is an app which contains all the latest apps. Users can easily search any apps by choosing the corresponding category and download it faster than any other parallel platform of Google play store app. The multi-lingual feature allows users to operate it in all available language. Also, download & install GTA 5 APK For Android.

How to Install Blackmart APK For Android?

Blackmart APK is a very easy app to use for Android users. When you want to download this app, it won’t ask for any payment information or to create an account. Just download and Install Blackmart APK without signing up. Blackmart app is not available to download directly from Google play store because this is not legal to use. Android users can get the APK version of the app to use. Here is how you can install the app on your device

  • Download latest version blackmart Alpha APK For Android from this link.
  • The process is very simple. Open your device Settings and tap on Lock screen and Security. There you can see an option called Unknown Sources. Tap on the button and toggle it to enable downloading from an unknown source.
  • Open the app after download and click and Install button
  • Wait for the Installation to complete and open the app

Just follow the above steps and use Blackmart APK to get your favorite apps and games for free. It is always better to change the Settings before starting the download process. This can make your download process easy.

Blackmart Alpha Alternative Stores (Not Google Play)

Final words,

Blackmart APK is very useful for Android users to replace with Google play store app. It offers a good collection of premium apps from Google play store for free. Users can get it and store it on their SD card. This feature makes it more acceptable to users. The download process is very simple if you can follow the steps properly. Users can download any apps from this platform faster compared to Google play store.

Like many other secondary app marketing places like Aptoid, Apkmirror, Amazon etc Blackmart is an excellent choice to get useful apps for Android users.